Quality Assurance Reporting System

It allows colleges a way of preventing coding mistakes that affect state and federal level reporting. The source of the data is the SBCTC Master Data Views built using PeopleSoft application data.

The current quarter data in this system is refreshed nightly. Any coding changes you make today will not be reflected until tomorrow. The source of any historical data is the SBCTC Data Warehouse.

There are two categories of reports: summary and detail. The summary data contains aggregate headcount or FTE values. The detail data will contain lists of classes and or students who are found to have coding issues. Only registrars will have access to detailed listings of students.

There are two levels of quality assurance: errors and warnings. It is critical that you resolve any errors as any classes or students shown with errors will not be included in the SBCTC Data Warehouse. Any classes or students shown with warnings will be included in the SBCTC Data Warehouse, though the quality of that record may affect reporting.


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